We enjoy making the inner body look beautiful, showing the normally unseen and telling a story as part of our work.


WHAT we do

We combine our tech saavy thinking and innovative approach to make attention grabbing content for our clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.




Medical Illustration

  • Editorial illustration
  • Journal illustration
  • Surgical illustration
  • Mechanism-of-action (MOA)
  • Educational diagrams
  • Infographic design

Print + Digital Design

  • Digital content creation
  • Presentation +Slide kits
  • Sales kits / sales aids
  • Commercial print projects
  • Brochure / layout design
  • Social media + Blog content creation
  • Exhibition display
  • Interactive models
  • E-Learning modules

Animation + Film

  • 2D or 3D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Mechanism-of-action (MOA)
  • Surgical device showcase
  • Surgical how-to animation
  • Short documentary style videos
  • Interview videos
  • Patient education animations
  • Imaging data animations