Poster BEFORE - Client's mockup

Poster AFTER - Design and colour cleaned up by Campbell Medical Illustration

HIGHLIGHTING INFORMATION WITH AN EYE CATCHING VISUAL: From our conversation we both agreed that the circular graphics was the most eye-catching part of the poster mockup and it also nicely summariSed their findings. I decided to implement a softer colour scheme to move it away from the primary colours that were used in the original mockup. This pushed it up a notch in terms of professionalism in presentation.

UTILISING WHITE SPACE TO TIER INFORMATION: The next step was to tackle the table graphic underneath the circular diagram. I didn't want the two elements to be fighting for attention in the layout so I implemented a clean design with lots of white space and used small coloured keys to compliment the 'read more' information.

Clean and simple graphic design for a scientific poster presentation

Dr. Kathryn Steven
Academic Fellow, School of Medicine, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

Dr. Steven came to us with a redesign project for her team's scientific poster presentation.  Dr. Steven had a really solid concept mocked up which made it so easy for me to bring them to life in the final poster design. 

Dr. Steven first approached us with an idea and a pretty developed mockup of how she would like the poster design to look. This was a super useful reference as we sat down to discuss the poster direction and end goals. Our focus was to take her ideas and implement them in a clean and visually pleasing layout.