Workshop and Presentation at the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) Conference

Each year medical illustrators, photographers, designers and videographers in the UK congregate for the Institute of Medical Illustrator's conference where they can attend industry workshops, see trade shows and participate in presentations. 


I'm delighted to share with you that I'll be doing a few things at this year's IMI 2016 conference...


Friday Workshop - A guide to creating your online portfolio: promote your work and get noticed 

On Friday I'll be hosting a debut workshop on what you should aim to include in your online portfolio. Here's the abstract for that workshop to find out more:


As medical artists we work in a specialised field where we bring our training and expertise to communicate tough medical concepts in dynamic and engaging visuals. Most of us have an online portfolio site that showcases our work and is our main promotional tool for getting new clients. Though it may seem that the term ‘medical artist’ is pretty straightforward, a lot of people still struggle with understanding what it is that we do and what we can do for them.
Clearly explaining our services to the wider audience of the internet is what can help us
get potential clients. This session focuses on promoting yourself as a medical artist, how you could present your services and what information you should include in your portfolio to try and improve the number of inquiries from potential clients. We cover web design best practices and basic search engine optimization (SEO). As part of that we also cover what kind of information you should include alongside your work, as well as the kinds of layouts and gallery options that make it easy viewing for your audience.
Handouts and worksheets are included for you to cater the session to your own business.


I'm very excited and also nervous about this workshop. Right now I'm busy prepping the worksheets to get everything ready for the day. Here is a work in progress worksheet for you guys to check out. 

CLICK on the image to see more. 

Saturday Presentation - Illustration and Design for Medical Education

On Saturday I'll be doing a short presentation to showcase what we're doing within the School of Medicine at the University of Dundee. Here's a snippet of the abstract for that talk: 


The Medical School of the University of Dundee are constantly exploring new methods on how they can improve their teaching sessions for their medical students. With advances in technology, their students tend to gravitate towards animation, video or interactive resources that are filled with 3D models and visualizations, to help develop their understanding of human anatomy. 
As a medical artist collaborating with the University’s teaching staff we have produced interactive content with mock patient case scenarios, dynamic presentations filled with medical illustrations and animations, as well as successfully shared our work for other individuals to reuse for educational purposes. 
In my presentation I would like to present these examples of our collaborative work. I will also show how I look to other groups for visual resources and build on their work to create new learning assets. I hope that by showcasing my examples I can demonstrate to the audience how our methods of working together can be applied to other areas of healthcare and design.


Tickets are still available here


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