I recently participated in a UoDigital event at the University of Dundee where I had a great opportunity to present the Sketchfab projects that myself and my colleague, Emily McDougall, had been involved with.

UoDigital aims to introduce digital technologies to students and staff so that they can utilize them for their teaching and learning purposes. I figured I'd make a video presentation to share with everyone if they haven't heard of Sketchfab before.

I pushed the video out on my Twitter link and was not expecting such a positive response from people, especially from the Sketchfab Co-founders, Alban Denoyel (CEO)and Pierre-Antoine P. (CPO) ! Check it out:

Bart Veldhuizen, head of community at Sketchfab, also had some really nice words. Thanks again for making my day, Bart! 


University of Dundee, School of Medicine Sketchfab: sketchfab.com/tilt

University of Dundee, School of Dentistry Sketchfab: sketchfab.com/DundeeDental

Examples of my work as a medical artist: campbellmedicalillustration.com/

Examples of Emily's work as a medical artist: emilymcdougall.com/