My new role as Medical Artist for the University of Dundee

Very rarely do medical illustration/animation job postings come up in Scotland and I was super stoked to see one for a Medical Artist at the University of Dundee. It had everything that you could nerd out over—illustrations, animations, interactive content production…oh my glob…I was over the moon when my application was accepted.

So where am I now?

For those who don’t know Scotland that well, my new position is in the seaside city of Dundee. Located a little bit up and over, on east coast of Scotland, it’s home to the top (5th in the UK/1st in Scotland in the 2015 Guardian University guide) medical school in the country—Dundee University School of Medicine.

Adding their high status is the school’s location in one of the largest clinical teaching hospitals in Europe, Ninewells, which boasts and internationally renowned research-rich environment.

For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of touring some of the laboratories and clinical facilities. My face is hurting from too much excitement grinning. To say that I’m chuffed that I get to work here is an understatement—I’m mentally high-5ing a million angels Liz-Lemon style.

Ok ok, Annie, what are you doing?


I was brought on to a division of the medical school known as the Technology and Innovation in Learning Team (TILT). I’ll be working with them as resident medical artist and educational resource developer. The TILT division created, maintains and provides support for an online educational portal that the medical students access and learn from. This portal houses all of the students’ lectures, assessments and learning material.

The work that they do is pretty freakin’ awesome and very impressive, to say the least. They are constantly developing and improving the digital education platform. It’s really interesting to see the group at work and I feel like I’m learning a lot. 

As medical artist I will be contributing to the development of teaching and learning resources to support the undergraduate medical curriculum. In brief, the digital content that I will contribute to the course includes the following:

  • Illustrations
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Graphic design


It’s sounds like a lot but the projects are pretty measured and we’re doing a few pilots before I start production scheduling. In the next couple of months I’ll try to post up the work that’s produced as part of my role so that you guys can get a better idea.

I’ve only been here for a short while but the amount of enthusiasm and high standard of teaching the staff put into the curriculum has amazed me. It’s so cool to see teachers getting excited about the content that they have to give out to students and, in turn, I get really excited to have this chance to work with them.

Stay tuned all and thanks again for watching!