I’m very excited to share with you something that I’ve been working on during the winter months at the University of Dundee School of Medicine: an interactive 3D model of the anatomy of the inner ear.

This interactive is part of a larger project that includes a series of illustrations depicting the anatomy of the ear. Stay tuned for those images on the blog in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, go on, have a click and a spin around: 

What's great about this model is that certain aspects of it was created from segmented MRI data*, making this a highly accurate representation of the tympanic membrane, facial nerve, ossicles and vestibular system.

*The vestibulocochlear nerve was not derived from MRI data, however heavily referenced.

The segmented MRI data was done by a group at McGill University. You can locate the segmented MRI data from the following: http://audilab.bmed.mcgill.ca/~daren/3Dear/index.html

The original MRI dataset can be found in the following location:http://cbaweb2.med.unc.edu/henson_mrm/