Christmas Came Early With These Brain Coasters!

I was surprised by the best present a medical illustrator to ask for from fellow medical artist, Adriana Lippy. I had the opportunity to help her out with her Master's research animation project this summer. Adriana did a fantastic job, read more to see her animation. 

You know when someone gets you a present that you’ve secretly been longing for? You want to shake and yelp and leap for the sky because you’re oh-so-excited to finally have that thing in your hands. You can’t believe that this has happened. A part of you is scared that this isn’t real and the box that holds your thing is fake.

“This is too good to be true”, you say as you nervously fondle the container.

Then you open it and lo-and-behold it’s a wonderful set of Brain Specimen Coasters! I’m not going to use them, in fear of scratching the surface. Instead they will be proudly displayed in my home for my guests to comment on (and be super jealous that they don’t have a set, I’m sure).

Who was the person that gave them to me? Oh I will tell you. I will tell all of you the story…

Earlier on this summer I was lucky to supervise and give some advice to a Medical Art student from the Dundee Master’s programme on her Master’s Research Project. Adrina Lippy is her name and animation is her game.

Check out her portfolio here:

From day one of our meeting Adriana was on top of things, eager to learn and such a pleasure to work with. Having only done 1 day of Maya training she managed to produce this great educational animation that will be used as part of pathology teaching at the medical school:

Only 1 day of Maya training, the rest is self taught can you believe it?! Anyway after her degree show she’s gone and moved back to Seattle. I was sad to not get a chance to say goodbye but now I have the coasters to forever remember her by.

… Also there’s email so we’ll totally be jabbering away on that.

Some notes about the Adriana’s animation:

A short medical animation that describes the process of acute inflammation at a cellular level.

This video is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

Medical Animator
Adriana Lippy BSc
MSc Medical Art Student, University Dundee

Voice over Artist
Catherine MacRobbie
MSc Medical Art Student, University Dundee

Medical Advisor and Pathology Instructor
Richard Oparka MBChB, FRCPath
Department of Histophathology, University of Dundee School of Medicine

MSc Medical Art Advisor
Caroline Erolin MPhil, PGCert, BA(Hons)
Centre For Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee

Technical Advisor
Annie Campbell, BSc, MSc
Technology & Innovation Learning Team, University of Dundee School of Medicine

“Erysipelas on a hairy leg” by Tommi Nummelin, CC BY-SA 3.0

Music by Chris Zabriskie
“Air Hockey Saloon”
“Mario Brava Sleeps In A Little Later Than He Expected To”
“CGI Snake”
CC BY 4.0