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Vascutek Ltd, Custom Device Team

Vascutek’s digital presence during this important congress had been small in previous years. Because of this they did not have any usable data to see the impact of whether their social media presence had any effect on visitor numbers to their website.

Their goal for this year was to increase their social media presence, web traffic to their website and track where these visits were coming from.  In addition their branding needed updating to reflect the new design of their website.

As a solution I created a digital campaign that spread across three channels where they had their largest audiences: Twitter, LinkedIn and MailChimp. Their updated website style was incorporated on all digital marketing media, putting forth a unified and modern brand that was to be unveiled at the congress.

As part of this campaign I implemented tracking codes and set up the company’s Google Analytics so that they can have trackable data that will help them measure the success of each digital ad as well as visitors to their website.

Traffic to Vascutek’s website was increased dramatically, in comparison to previous years. The tracking codes allowed the marketing team to review which ads were successful on their digital media platforms. Vascutek also ended up in the top 5 Tweeters of the event.