Hi, my name is Annie Campbell and I’m a freelance medical illustrator and animator with years of experience in creating and designing content for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 



I enjoy making the inner body look beautiful, showing the normally unseen and telling a story as part of my work. I firmly believe in a collaborative working relationship with my clients. This is where I feel the best results and stories can be achieved. 

In my spare time I’m also an avid gamer, love graphic novels and have a big fondness for Chuck Jones’ work.

If you ever want to chat about any of the above or more, drop me an email at CampbellMedicalIllustration@gmail.com or you can use my contact page:

My Story

After finishing my undergraduate in Neuroscience, at the University of Glasgow, I obtained my Master’s in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Chicago, at Illinois in 2010. Since then I’ve worked for a few years in a New York digital healthcare studio as a medical artist, then as an art director before moving on to become a project manager. I soaked up as much information as I could before hopping over the pond to where I now reside in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. I started Campbell Medical Illustration back in 2014 and am very excited about the projects I have done as part of that. 




As part of my years working for a digital healthcare agency and also as a freelance artist, I’ve worked with groups like AbbVie, Mars Inc,  AdvaMedDx, Meade Johnson, Janssen, JAMA, Scientific American, Mount Sinai, theVisualMD, Cancer Centres for America and the University of Dundee.


Medical Artist & Educational Resource Developer
University of Dundee School of Medicine — Dundee, UK

Project Manager
theVisualMD — New York, NY, USA

Art Director
theVisualMD — New York, NY, USA

Assistant Art Director
theVisualMD — New York, NY, USA

Scientific Visualizer
theVisualMD — New York, NY, USA

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) — Chicago, IL, USA

Graduate Marketing Assistant
Leadership Development and Volunteer Services, University of Chicago, at Illinois — Chicago, IL, USA

Awards & Affiliations

  • CO-PRESENTER - Dundee Design Festival 2016, medical artist for talk titled 'Under the Digital Skin'
  • EXHIBITOR - Dundee Design Festival 2016, medical illustrator for various medically focused exhibits  
  • PRESENTER - UoDigital Event 2016, An Introduction to Sketchfab. Video summary available here
  • WINNER - Silver Award in 2015 Institute of Medical Illustrators Conference
  • AWARDED - Received Thomas Smith Jones Award, Graduating class of 2010, Biomedical Visualization
  • WINNER - 3rd place, UIC Graduate College The Image of Research exhibit 2010

News and Articles

Here are a few pieces that I've been featured in: