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Providing services in

Medical illustration, animation AND dESIGN


Campbell Medical Illustration is a multimedia studio with extensive experience in creating visuals and interactive content for educational institutes and global clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

With each project, we bring our passion for medical illustration and animation. Our focus is on providing top-quality content to help communicate our clients’ key messages to their audience. 


Why choose us?

We’re Specialists in medical storytelling


Science Addicts

Clients trust us to understand and explain their science accurately and effectively and we are focused on providing imagery that does just that. Our top priority is to get the science right from the beginning. We don’t make a move until we really understand that science—that means thorough, challenging research upfront. 

Creative Solutions

Our passion is to deliver beautiful designs, engaging narratives and top-quality artwork that not only achieves scientific accuracy but also creates a cinematic experience for your audience.

We offer a full range of services including medical illustration, utilising medical data for visuals, storyboard development, 3D animation and composition, script writing and graphic design.

Agency Experience

We understand the importance of providing a product that is delivered to budget and on time. Our production experience ensures that all projects meet your regulatory goals and standards, as well as allow all stakeholders to provide their valued input at each stage of development. Throughout the process we remain closely in touch with you so as to provide a hassle-free service from beginning to final delivery.